June 26, 2009

Town of Taghkanic

Public Hearing Comprehensive Plan


7 p.m. The Town Board of the Town of Taghkanic held a Public Hearing on the above date at the Taghkanic Firehouse.  Supervisor Young opened the meeting and turned it over to Alice Platt.



July 6, 2009

Present:          Elizabeth L. Young                   Supervisor

                        Erin Edwards                            Councilwoman

                        Anthony P. LaSalvia                 Councilman

                        Carolyn Sammons                    Councilwoman

Richard Skoda                         Councilman

Robert Fitzsimmons                  Attorney

Cheryl Rogers                          Clerk



Present CPC: Alice Platt                                 CPC Chair

Also Present: Kate Mance                              Elan Planning & Design


Correspondences: none


Public Comment (residents sign up to speak)

1.      Diane Rodriquez, What recommendation does the TB feel needs to be done first?

2.      Liz Allen, How can you still be exploring things?

3.      Thomas Youhas, How much has this cost?

4.      Audrey Koran, grants, not a law, feels draft should be adopted.

5.      Chris Tallackson,1.4.6 no definition of developer, racetracks need to be addressed.

6.      Tom Kiely, time turned over to Barbara Hermance.

7.      Barbara Hermance, letter attached

8.      Barbara Roemer, time turned over to Barbara Hermance.

9.      Patricia Gravett, took acceptation to Ms. Hermance’s comments and suggestions.

10.  Loretta Hoffmann, draft plan costing $70,000, TB has change the whole draft, upset committee was disbanded.

11.  Alvin Huehnel, time turned over to Barbara Hermance.

12.  Alan Wilzig, natural resources, noise ordinance, hilltop or ridgeline, architectural subdivisions, DEC or Army Core.

13.  Robert Rochler, senior citizens, committee is done when draft is turned over to the TB.


Supervisor Young than asked if anyone had any other comments or question:

·        Alvin Huehnel, ridgeline restrictions, Barbara Hermance is more knowledgeable than anyone in this room concerning land use and we should listen to her advise.

·        Liz Allen, where does the plan go from here?

·        Loretta Hoffmann, TB has changed the whole draft, its does not even resemble the plan from the CP Committee.

·        Alice Platt, disagreed with Ms. Hoffmann, the plan has not been change that much and TB changes were good changes.  713 units 2000 census – 765 units now 7% increase, development is coming.

·        Chris Tallackson, Morris Assoc. original survey was not changed.  

·        Joanne Klein, roads, laws, noise, we need regulations.  DEC is great.

·        Barbara Hermance, we should not be naming developers.

·        Rob Fitzsimmons, agreed no developers should be named.

·        Kate Mance, also agreed with Ms. Hermance.

·        Erik Tryee, inventory the benefits, rural character means different things every individual.

·        Moisha Blechman, wildlife protection, property rights, noise, arbitration board.

·        James Carley, 2 min rule.

·        Erin Edwards, misconceptions, rural character, map, seniors.

·        Anthony LaSalvia, rural character, survey.

·        Richard Skoda, more concerns with Ag section, will this plan hold up to litigation.                                                                                             


With no further business, on a motion by Councilwoman Sammons, seconded by Councilwoman Edwards, the meeting was adjourned, 8:44 pm. carried unanimously by all members present.  The next Regular meeting will be Monday July 6, 2009 at the Taghkanic Town Hall. 




Audience:    Kay Castelle                 Meridith Glabman            Chris Tallsckson                      Joanne Klein                           

                    Alvin Huehnel              Art Griffith                      Claude Allen                             Liz Allen 

                    Barbara Roemer           James Carley                    Diane Rodriguez                       Alan Wilzig

                    Erik Tyree                   Fred Casper                      Moisha Blechman                    Thomas Kiely         

                    Loretta Hoffman         Linda Swartz                    Thomas Mirabelli                     Barbara Hermance

                    Thomas Youhas           Peter Beck                       Ellen Jouret-Epstein                 Art Griffith

                    Jon Crouch                   Kate Mance                     Molly Salisbury                        Lawrence Kadish

                    Ann Kadish                  Scott Stackpole                Kent Sammons                         Mike Casper

                    Dennis Callahan           Robert Rochler                






Cheryl Rogers