June 7, 2010
May 3, 2010

Town of Taghkanic

Town Board Meeting



7 PM: The Town Board of the Town of Taghkanic held its Regular monthly meeting on the above date at the Taghkanic Town Hall.  Supervisor Young opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of Silent Prayer.


Present:          Elizabeth L. Young                   Supervisor

                        Lawrence Kadish                     Councilman

                        Carolyn Sammons                    Councilwoman

                        Richard Skoda                         Councilman

Joyce Thompson                      Councilwoman

                        Robert Fitzsimmons                  Attorney for the Town

Cheryl Rogers                          Clerk



The minutes of April 5, 2010 Regular Meeting minutes were accepted as written motioned by Councilman Kadish, seconded by Councilwoman Sammons.

Approved:      4 Aye               (Young, Kadish, Sammons, Thompson)

                        0 Nays            

                        0 Absent        

                        1 Abstained     (Skoda)


The Correspondence consisted of:

1.        Alice Platt, letter of interest

2.        RBC Wealth Management, monthly report

3.        26th NYS GIS Conference

4.        Jane Snyder, Sugar Mountain Road

5.        Attorney Robert Fitzsimmons

Correspondence with discussion:

1.        (#1) Councilwoman Sammons asked if this was the 2nd letter we had received from Alice.  Answer Alice had emailed just a copy. 

2.        (#4) Councilwoman Sammons read letter from Jane Snyder asked Highway Superintendent Tom Youhas what has to be done for Sugar Mountain to be a town road?  Is it up to specs to be a town road?  Mr. Youhas is going to look into what needs to be done and will report back to the board.

3.        (#5) Councilwoman Sammons asked if Attorney Fitzsimmons letter was part of the correspondence.  Attorney Fitzsimmons answered yes but would advise that we discuss his letter in executive session.  Councilman Kadish asked why?  Attorney Fitzsimmons replied it concerns litigation, pending litigation, finished litigation with the request that it not be brought up in open forum.  There was further discussion concerning the need for a town procedure for residents who may not have a Certificate of Occupancy or unknowingly did not get one or were not issued one.  There is a known paper work gap here related to a prior building inspector.  Attorney Fitzsimmons replied that he and Dennis would try and come up with some kind of answer.


Then followed reports from the Boards:

ZBA: James Romaine, Chair report submitted and read.      

Planning Board: Erik Tyree, Acting Chair, verbal report submitted. 

Assessor: Arthur Griffith report submitted and read. 

ZEO/CEO/Building Inspector: Dennis Callahan report submitted and read.

Historian: Nancy Griffith, no report submitted.

Traffic Safety Board: Linda Swartz, no report submitted, no meeting in April.

Environmental Management Council: Scott Stackpole submitted a report stating he was unable to make meeting.

Zoning Commission: Joyce Thompson, appointments and discussion was held later during the meeting. 

Building Committee: Richard Skoda verbal report submitted.      

Clerk/Collector: Cheryl Rogers, reports were submitted to the Board.     

Bookkeeper: Mark Fitzgerald, report submitted to the Board.

Supervisor: Elizabeth Young, verbal report submitted.

Highway: Thomas Youhas, report submitted and read.

Councilwoman Thompson submitted and read a report on the Office of the Aging Advisory Council.

***Board reports were accepted as submitted and read on a motion by Councilwoman Sammons seconded by Councilman Kadish.

Accepted:       5 Aye               (Young, Kadish, Sammons, Skoda, Thompson)

                        0 Nays            

                        0 Absent                    


Old Business:

  1. Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan Development Grant:  Tabled.
  2. Creek Walk:  Mary Udell reported that she has more residents interested, needs to form a committee and to contact Greenway to have them come and look things over and make their recommendation.  Councilwoman Sammons asked she draft a proposal and report back to the board next month.
  3. Flower Barrels: Mary Udell announced that the volunteers will be planting May 25 and 26 in the morning anyone interested in helping please come join them.  The watering of the barrels is going to be done by the adopt a barrel system, Carlo from Jo Jo’s will be doing the ones in front of their place, Dan and Mary are doing the Town Hall barrels, and Liz and Claude Allen are doing the ones by the Fire House.  There are a few more if anyone is interested please contact Mary.
  4. Local Law Outdoor wood Burners: Awaiting the Planning Board’s recommendation
  5. Trucks:  Highway Superintendent Youhas reported that the ten-wheeler can be done under state contract so the town does not have to notice for bids.  Truck price is about $177,000 and the dump body and plow is around $65,000.  The smaller truck GMC has gas only, is one ton and not heavy duty, Ford one ton not heavy duty and Dodge 3 ton diesel, 4 wheel drive heavy duty around $76,000.   Will have notice for bids in the paper by middle of May.
  6. Salt Shed:  Councilman Skoda reported that the price from Farm Tex will still be honored from last year, also looking into prices for concrete walls instead of bricks.  Will report back to the board next month.
  7. Verizon:  Councilwoman Thompson submitted and read a report concerning an easement for a 20x20 foot area for a new transmission box that would enhance the performance of the existing box located on the Firehouse side of County Route 10.  Verizon would compensate the Town of Taghkanic approximately $3,000.  Councilwoman Thompson suggested that we ask Mr. Percy to come next month all agreed.
  8. Zoning Commission:  Councilwoman Thompson asked the board appoint the recommendation of the ZBA (James Romaine) and Planning Board (Katherine Bainer) and Comp Plan Member (Alice Platt).  Motion to appoint was made by Councilwoman Sammons, seconded by Councilman Skoda.

Approved:       5 Aye               (Young, Kadish, Sammons, Skoda, Thompson)

                        0 Nays            

                        0 Absent

Councilwoman Thompson asked the board to consider the draft resolution she drafted in regards to the Zoning Commission, Councilwoman Thompson provided the Board with copies and read the resolution aloud.  Attorney Fitzsimmons informed the Board that being a resolution it did not need to be filed with State, Motion was made by Councilman Kadish to approve Resolution #5-2010, seconded by Councilman Skoda.

Approved:       5 Aye               (Young, Kadish, Sammons, Skoda, Thompson)

                        0 Nays            

                        0 Absent

Councilman Thompson announced that the 1st Zoning Commission Meeting would be May 10, 2010 at 7 pm at the Town Hall.  Councilwoman Thompson informed everyone there is an online training that Pace University offers, maybe helpful for board members who work and are not able to attend training, they can do it at home and be certified after completion and a test.


New Business:

  • None


Comment – Ten Minutes – Supervisor Young opened the floor for the ten-minute comment session. 

The following people were signed up to speak. 

·         Ardith Truhan, referring to letter read last month stated that the fine unlawful.  A violation notice hung on door during week, which at the time they were weekenders not proper way to issue a notice of violation.  Would like to hear more of a discussion concerning this question as to process.

·         Arthur Baker, still interested in highway garage and committee concerned that it was being disbanded.  Concerned with the Town salt shed or placement of it will not be in compliance with town zoning.  Attorney Fitzsimmons answered that the town will have to apply to the ZBA for a variance, notice neighbors of a public hearing concerning the variance, the same procedures for anyone applying.

·         James Romaine thanked Highway Superintendent for patching Livingston Road.  It was a safety hazard and is better now.  Earlier commented electric company still does hang shut off notices on residence doors.  Also commented on Highway Superintendent choice of Dodge truck being the best choice for the smaller truck.  Asked if the mine issue was going to be one of the first things to be address by the Zoning Commission.  Answer by Councilwoman Thompson was yes.

·         Linda Swartz, asked that the Livingston Road weight limit be enforced.

·         Moisha Blechman, Zoning Commission, water in our area very important concern.


Executive Session:  None



The Bills were audited and approved for payment on a motion by Councilman Skoda, seconded by Councilwoman Sammons.

General Fund Vouchers            #    109 -   133            $    6,981.65

Highway Fund Vouchers        #    50  -      71               $  25,978.77

Approved:      5 Aye               (Young, Kadish, Sammons, Skoda, Thompson)

                        0 Nays            

                        0 Absent


With no further business, on a motion by Councilwoman Sammons, seconded by Councilman Kadish, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm. carried unanimously by all members present.  The next Regular meeting will be Monday, June 7, 2010 at the Taghkanic Town Hall. 


Audience:                 Walter Thompson                   Arthur Griffith                         Ardith Truhan

Thomas Youhas                       Thomas Mirabella                    Patricia Garrett

Audrey Koran                          Dennis Callahan                       Chris Tallackson                                     

Linda Swartz                            Alice Platt                                               Tony Garrett                                          

Dan Udell                                 Mary Udell                               Lisa Testa                                               

Joanne Testa                            Meridith Glabman                    Scott Stackpole

Ralph Gorgone                         George Hotaling                       Deputy Dunspaugh

Chris Ferrer                              Arthur Baker                            Erin Edwards

Debra Gilbert                            Katherine Bainer                      William Sinclair

Moisha Blechman                    R O Blechman                          Sally Wohlbach

Ben Shector                             George Barimo                         Joanne Klein

Michael Brenner                      Judith Flamenbaum                   Walter Flamenbaum